jeudi 24 juin 2010

The Bear Hunter's guide

Since my tastes have changed from muscled hunks to bears, i need this guide. And since there are so many bear lovers out there, i thought this would be useful. So which kind of bear are you? I'm the bear chaser :p

lundi 21 juin 2010

Muscle fetish?

Looking at the PLU world, most people tend to go for muscles, and most gay men tend to work for more muscles. Personally i have a muscle fetish myself because muscles send a subconscious message that this guy does really take care of his body, and if he can do that he can take care of me as well, but nowadays i dont really see the need for muscles, if i do enjoy the guy's company, and if he allows me to enjoy his body as well (as long as he dosent have any warts at his groin when the undies come off, but thats another story, from experience) because i guess i've grown up (and after seeing some muscled guys with a personality that really turned me off, i realize no point hankering exclusively for one). I know a bunch of muscled guys, but with really bad personalities. They're snobby, insecure and have an inflated opinion of themselves. They dont really look at personality but at body and the $$. They'd probably say something bitchy about everyone they know, and if you're a friend that dosent have at least C cup man tits, they'll tell you how ugly you are and how not their type you are. Worst of all, they will distance themselves from you as when it comes to meaningful conversations, they have nothing much to impart from their not so full heads. So I was thinking if it is a fair exchange to put up with someone with a stinky personality JUST to indulge in my fetish?! dosent make sense right? So this is what i really think about my really dumb muscle fetish:

The thing is, i do go to the gym but to strengthen up this weak body. I do get sick very often, and my body is weak even when im supposed to be at the prime of my life. Muscles are just an indication in my case and not to rake guys in. Why? Because i dont want to spend so much time and effort building up something that would probably fade completely in 3-4 years if i ever do stop gym (and gym is an expensive commitment) and its more or less a waste of money. Some guys go all the way with protein shakes and stuffs, which will double the amount of their gym fees only to end up out of shape and fat when they start getting lazy to go to the gym (at least the shape is still there. bears. yum!) but at the end, isnt all those efforts wasted? And increased risk of heart attacks and other weird and not so wonderful health problems? (due to the protein and eggs intake?) Is it worth to go through all those just to develop a tool to attract more guys in?

Okay, so if we start now to build up muscles, when are we gonna be lean and toned? 40? and then bait unsuspecting desperate young boys fresh out of the closet with sex, who can never experience the bodies of young, snobby muscled bimbos who only lust after other muscled bimbos due to their looks or bodyshape? Because at that age our personalities are way too repulsive and even our closest friends part ways because they cant put up with all the fake divaness due to our lack of self worth? I have meet many uncles with ok and not so ok bodies, but with a personalty so horrid that people would stay miles away from and whomever they date would not even answer their calls after that. So they end up fishing for desperate young boys at gay dating sites, and have their way with them...while living in their own, lonely and sad apartment, shagging different boys almost every day and getting a disease or two in between...

A friend told me not too long ago, that guys usually go for those muscled and rich guys. Well reality check: most of these boys are straight! there are tons of them at the gym, and the gay ones are usually bi, usually young and just fresh out of SPM and whose dad happens to be the manager of x company, and wont hesitate to cheat on you or treat you like dirt! But of course like with everything else there are exceptions, where there are muscled guys with nice, down to earth personalities as well who dont mind giving guys who are not their type friendship. Well isnt that too naive and stupid? I mean i would love to embrace a bear in his 30s, who lives in a posh apartment in Kiara or Damansara, with a 5-figure job and with amazing cooking skills. I'd give him everything! But then again, we cant have everything right? And even if i did, its not that different than being a gigolo if i cant bring myself to like him after all his muscles droop, and him losing his house and job. If you want a rich and muscular guy, do have a reality check first: are you a girl? no. Do you think he'll find you worth his attention? No. Do you have what he likes in a man? Most probably not, especially if you're a stuck-up snobby, selfish, insecure and insensitive diva, even with your muscles, especially if you dont even want to make friends with people who are not might wanna be friends with them to train your personality first...he he he

I guess all im saying is that muscles, although nice isnt really everything. Sometimes its just a cover for insecurities. If that guy happens to have a good personality AND muscles, its a bonus. But such people are rare. Perhaps i could be one, where personality comes first and muscles second to kind of show people that it is possible to be PLU, spiritual and good looking at the same time. The other is that, if you have Donnie Yen's body but a personality like a spastic 13 year old child, or even worse the fake Paris Hilton diva, PLU version, nobody's gonna like you except a) Horny (and probably diseased) ONS guys and b) people who want to take advantage of you. Not really targeting anyone in particular but just some food for thought.

to make it even more simple for some of you (or us) imagine a guy with the body of a pornstar, an 8" cut dick, who loves to treat you to dinners at high class restaurants, works as a senior consultant at some MNC and earning 5 figures every month, knows your heart so well inside out BUT loves fisting. And you only found out about this 6 months after you move in with him. And his bed has hidden straps on the sides while he tries it out on you. And you're a top. And he says that you're his boyfriend and therefore obliged to help him indulge in his fisting fetish, in exhange for everything else he gives...

would you like a guy solely for his body? even tho he treats you like the shit stuck on his car's tyre? do comment :P