lundi 30 août 2010

Taking advantages

Thank god not this bad. i'll never afford to drive one of these anyway

I met an accident 2 weeks ago but it was very minor. there was hardly a dent on the other person's car.

It was a fast lane and i could not brake in time as the car in front of me stopped. Immediately after that the car in front of me which was a white myvi stopped. In the middle of the fast lane. She knew this would put pressure on me. It was the highway in front of KDU and there was an obvious spot for these sort of things, but she refused to. The damage was minimal. Only a gash at the boot cover, and small dent from the top on the bumper (how the hell can that be my fault? it is obviously not but she tried to pin it on me) and that was basically, "the damage". She insisted that i pay for the damages as it was my fault. She insisted that she braked because the car in front of her did but i didint remember seeing any. After all fast lanes dont usually stop. We both agreed not to report to the police as i would need to pay another 300 (thinking back, i really should as she was also in the wrong for breaking in the fast lane and she KNOWS it, that is why she allowed me to 'choose' and say that she will claim my insurance. But i did not want my NCP to be deducted.) The more ridiculous claim was that from previous experience that the damages amounted to 1k. And that she needs to change her car and this will lower the resale value that is why she needs to fix it. She even demanded that i paid her there and then. I demanded to see the bill and if it really is only i will pay. She insisted that i paid her at least half 1st. I offered 200 but she said no way it can be fixed so i paid her 500 (later i found out this should NOT be the way, and even so cannot be so much). Her face immediately lit up and become from a cutthroat bitch to a normal person and even told me where are the mechanics around the area. She also tried to get my home phone number, address and my company phone number and name. I told her just take my mobile and it was not necessary for her to ask for so many details. It was very painful to me but at least i thought it would have been settled. But I was wrong.

I immediately went back to office after paying her and got a mechanic to help me close my hood. Damages on my side were: front bumper went in and a crooked hood. One of the tyres was even touching the mudguard. i had no time or money to get it repaired soon. I got the office mechanic with the help of a colleague and he helped me close the hood. I also passed his contact to her and told her that i will not foot the bill if it was from somewhere else. She never replied to the message saying thanks or ok. To this point it was obvious to me that she only wanted the money.

She did not go to the mechanic immediately but went a week after the incident. She insisted that the mechanic change her bumper even though the mechanic told her it was not necessary. Since i already told the mechanic the amount i gave her, the mechanic charged her 750 for changing the bumper. She was only able to pay 500 (I presume) and the mechanic refused to let her car out until she pays the balance. She called me on a saturday afternoon 3-4 times within 10 mins (3 of them went to missed calls) and sent a sms, asking me to top up the amount to 750 from 500. she called when i was replying. I insisted that i will meet up with her and check the bill as well as with the mechanic. Is this how a person who sincerely wants to fix her car behaves like? I dont think so. I told a few friends about it and they all said she is not supposed to do this, that when she accepted my money she cannot ask me for more. Either that or i deal with the mechanic directly and not through her but when that happens i should not have gave her the money. She actually wanted it on that day itself. I knew she is trying to cheat my money then.

On sunday evening she smsed me on where i should meet her at 10 pm. I felt something really wrong and 'begged' her through SMS that i had no money and that im even skipping lunch (true story) but she was relentless and came back with a SMS that went along the lines of me breaking my promise and all men cannot be trusted. And even tried to call. I saw miss calls. Thank god i switched off my phone. Next morning there were more miss calls and angry SMSes. All with the same thing. I sent her a reply that if she was scared that i found out that im not supposed to pay her after she accepted my 500. She said she will talk nicely to me as long as i answered. In actuality, she was trying to psycho me to paying her 250 first and she knows that if i delay i will find out the truth.

She called my office extension and talked to me for 1 hour repeating the same point on how i should pay her and honor my promise. I told her i will find out with the mechanic and she said the mechanic asked her to deal with me. she did not allow me to put down the phone to call the mechanic so i used my handphone to call instead. The mechanic was actually quite furious that she insisted on replacing the bumper even when not necessary on the insistence of her brother in law which was consistent with what she said. Now, it was very clear that she was trying to get me to sponsor a free bumper. Besides, the crack on the bumper looked like force from above cracked it and not from the back. she was trying to get me to pay for her new bumper! I told her we both know what she is doing is wrong which is why she is trying so hard to convince me, that the mechanic's total bill is actually 500 and she went against the mechanic's advice to change the bumper. So i have settled the full amount but this is added by herself. And if she continues to call i will report to the police and put down the phone. My supervisor immediately shouted that i should report to the police for harassment while she was on the line. She did not listen and kept repeating the fact that i 'promised' her.

I checked with the mechanic again and that she actually wanted the old bumper replaced back after he fixed the new one in so that she didint have to pay extra this morning. (ohohohoho. greed gets you nowhere!) but its too late because he fixed it and sprayed paint on it already and he refused and insisted that she paid 250 since she insisted to have it replaced the other day. The mechanic was also very stern at her as i also feedback to him what she said through the phone and the SMSes. He told me not to pay or entertain her anymore and that anything beyond this point will be harassment. Perhaps he also saw that she was just trying to take advantage but he turned the plot back at her.

After collecting her car she sent an essay of a SMS on how i never kept my promise, that i lied and that it was unfair for her to pay and that the underside of the old bumper was cracked. I showed it around to my colleagues and they laughed. And no calls after that.

So the lesson here is to not take advantage of people. First of all, it was very clear that she preplanned as someone who have just met an accident wont be so lucid to talk about costing or even recall bills. secondly she did not stop at the side but in the road to put pressure to me to come to an agreement. Thirdly, she talked nonstop and did not allow me to talk and twisted my words. Forth, she insisted on money first which she already knows is not the proper practice. Fifth, she asked for details where ordinary people would not ask. Sixth, the way she tried to contact me is tantamount to harassment. Seventh, she called my office number when she knows very damm well its breach of privacy. Eighth, she was trying to use mindgames to get me to pay her. didint work bitch. I'm a fox. a very old one. Mindgames are my speciality. Ninth, she changed an unnecessary part and tried to make me pay for it WITHOUT informing me prior.

So at the end, she was just trying to take advantage of me for not knowing the situation but in the end others sense what she was up to and turned the game back to her. I talked to everyone about this case and they all say it was her mistake and she has overstepped her limits and tried to bully and take advantage of me.

I guess this goes to show taking advantage of others is a stupid thing to do because other people will DEFINITELY realize. This goes for guys too. I have seen many a PLU guys manipulate and get manipulated and well you know what you're doing so stop it because whatever friends you got through your schemes will leave you once they realize what you are doing. It is not worth it at the end of the day.

Moral of the story: taking advantage of others is stupid, being honest is smart as the repercussions from using others can be more than we chew.

jeudi 26 août 2010

straight/gay friends

First of all, let me apologize for the delay in posting. i'm actually preparing for an exam, getting used to new schedule, working out, meeting friends, expanding my spiritual horizons and fulfilling my personal needs. I will blog more often after the exam ends.

i think when it comes to the rude and weird, no where else has more of those than the PLU community.

my previous post was about a str8 crush and skysky asked why we have to have str8 crushes. well here's why: because how often will a PLU guy care about you as a friend, help you out and basically treat you like a brother?

so far of all my PLU friends, only one has shown such sincerity and care towards me. but we're not lovers. just friends.

4-5 of my straight friends have shown a similar level of care and attentiveness. kumachan for example, will talk about how he finds me talking loudly in the lift inappropriate and embarrassing and that he is telling that to me because we are close and he cares. If i am in trouble and i approach him, he will never hesitate to help at all. he will always pick up the phone. He will always reply MSN messages. Things like that.

It's not how much love you declare to the other person that makes things worth it, but rather how much you really care about him.

I do understand that most gays are preprogrammed to only treat potential BFs well and the rest like crap. but really is there a need? As for me, as long as the guy dosent lie about his intentions and appearance and only trying to get into my pants, i am fine with him as a friend. Second layer tho is if we communicate and click. Can we get along? are there common topics to talk about? or will he just brush them off or stop replying? Or give one liners? It will all depend on the willingness of both parties to open up to each other and if one of the criterias is looks, then good luck in finding someone with good looks that can actually be nice towards average looking guys.

there is a blogger whom i have added to msn. previously i added him to facebook and i had no idea it was that blogger. we exchanged a few messages before, but presumingly after seeing my facebook pictures, he lost interest and never chatted much after that. Then, when i found him as a blogger, he did not know it was me and he did have some prompt email replies. When he found out that it was me again, the cold shoulder returns. He just simply stopped replying any more emails or IMs.

like what the hell is that? if you can write so well, why not have the courtesy to have a decent conversation with someone? or is it because i look too ugly for you? not worth your time to even write sorry we wont get along as friends? but can write so well in blog?

why do some gays find it ok to treat other gays like trash but when they're treated like trash they complain and whine about it. And they wonder why are they still single. Why cant some people see that another gay man is a friend that also needs care and friendship and that can give it out in return? Gay men are people too and not living breathing disposable dildos. I dont find anything wrong with ONS, but if its done indiscriminately and at the cost of relationships and with the attitude that guys are just free gigolos to exploit and you dont give a damm about how much they get hurt if you cut off all contact after sex and toss them out like a used condom, then be prepared to be single and lonely for a very long time. With STDs to boot. Thats the main reason why i stopped ONSing. It's not worth to hurt other guys and myself at the end of the day because i'll only feel like a worthless rag after the sex. rather do it with someone who sees me as a person.

Talking about ONS, since it is after all mating season, my hormones made me revamp my fridae profile. I chatted up a few gays and one of them looked attractive. I messaged him as he was staying near my place. And somehow or rather i talked about sex. And the time and date was set which was tomorrow. As I would pass by his place,i felt like just getting a glimpse of how he looked like and then decide. He sounded enthusiastic to meet me at first but then when i arrived he made me wait for 30mins before he turned up, and giving excuses like its not convenient for me to go up to his block because the neighbours doors are wide open and such. At the end when i met him, i got a total shock as he was ulgy and really different from the picture as if someone gave him an acid attack on the face. The body still looked good tho. I immediately cancelled the appointment and fled home in horror. It is kinda sad to see someone who needs to trick guys to have sex with them. Thank god i didint meet him and had sex right away. else i'll be traumatized again.

And you know what is the scary part? all of us could have end up like that 39 year old guy. We might be handsome now, but once thats gone what do we have if we have a sucky attitude? I have seen so many bitter and lonely gay men, and age isnt a problem here. Its the stinky attitude. Once upon a time, someone did tell me that he only wants gay friends and he does not trust straight people. But what if the gay friends only want his body and not him? And the straight guys see him as a brother rather than a walking dildo and helps him out in times of trouble? Whats gonna happen when he's old, alone and no longer have that killer body? So for every guy you snub, just think of what would you do if someone did the same to you. And eventually you'll close your heart to even your friends and all guys will only be walking dildos as people might be attracted at first, but at a closer look they see your disgusting personality.

But if we have a good personality we'll always have friends at least even if we cant win ourselves a lover. And since the heart is open, there is no need to trick guys into having sex with you and there will always be friends that will share your burden.

well this post is kinda long and heavy after the week-long absence, but i intend to write it because some people do need to wake up from the dream that they're the best guy in the world and that so many other guys are not worth their attention even tho they're sincerely in for friendship. Because in reality they're not attractive and their personality just makes them worse. At the end, people with good looks but with really disgusting personality are disgusting. So wake up from your dream. It's not your looks but your personality that matters.

mercredi 18 août 2010

the straight crush

that's what kumachan looks like in the office. adorable right?!

What happens when you get an adorable, caring str8 colleague who looks like a bear and behaves like one? you fall for him! He's secure, cool, smart, caring, funny and most importantly matured in thinking. but he's straight but yet not homophobic. It's so hard not to fall for someone like that okay. You can talk about any issue at all with him and he can still talk to you about it with a nice reply and has the most adorable smile and replies. He's dark and tanned, bear size, very huggable but you can never ever hug him coz he's straight. He declares that he cant ever have sex with a guy but he's okay with transsexuals (i still love my kukubird thank you and it's just a crush) and you know he's just being honest. He freaks out whenever you try to hit on him and keeps a distance until you pretend to ask him about...girls. With that the closeness returns. He can grunt to reply, sleeps a lot in office and eats a lot. Lets just call him kumachan since he looks like a bear. A malaysian sun bear. Except he is not hairy. He's 35 and still single. Lives alone. Mmmmmmm.

so apparently the fox drained his car battery on monday the 16th which is the aftermath of friday the 13th. The fox naturally panicked and called a lot of people, including kumachan. The fox got it solved at 8.15. The call happend at 7.30. And kumachan called on 11pm, right before the fox fell asleep after his tiring bodypump class.

.........................................................everyone said he was so sweet. but the fox thinks he's just dumdeedumdum and slow. But the fox still thinks he's adorable. Because he is just so caring. But so far rejected all of my requests to meet up after work or during weekends :(. He's so lazy that he would ask a colleague to pack lunch for him rather than go out to eat. And when he does he is lazy to think of where to go for lunch!!! adorable or not?!?!

That aside, the fox has a competition with a senior, which we'll call him the owl coz he's also fat like a cub and he's kinda knowledgeable and wise and all. The owl has a girlfriend but he seems to be extremely close to kumachan. They are always together and they always talk to each other... inseparable. Is this what they call bromance? But the owl is adorable in his own way, only thing is that he is too serious and deadpan. I like him too. Perhaps can have threesome one day in my dreams and i'm the ham. Kumachan can top coz at his age his dick would be a bit small. hehe.

But of course dreams can only be dreams. And life is only interesting if some fantasies remain as fantasies. Who knows if underneath the clothes he's really fugly?! hancur habis all the dreams. hurrrrrrrrr

samedi 14 août 2010


Perfect skin on a guy! The fox would certainly love to have skin like that.

as men in general, appearances are very important to us. there is always something about how a person looks that would influence our judgement of that person. When dealing with people appearances always come first, and you can easily modify your appearance to bring the desired effect on people. It's even more important if you happen to be PLU. There is this need to always appear to be good, picking on every little flaw you have and repairing it. It's always the body or the hair, or the face that needs fixing to look like the picture perfect model of yourself. Sometimes it's the clothes. And because of this, there's the gym, the clothes, the skincare, the proper shampoo, the good stylist, etc, etc etc................

and we call these our needs.

but in reality do we really need this to have a good appearance? Or sometimes, would it be as simple as keeping the food we eat in check and having a positive attitude? I'd say it's a combination of both and its a 50/50 thing. First half would be the attitude and personality, followed by appearance. Average looking foxes like me have all the attitude and personality but is sorely lacking in appearance. Thats why need to make up for it with gymming, skincare, diet and so forth :(

It's because society demands its members to be presentable and neat to make an impression. And impressions can go far and carry us to faraway places either in the workplace or with friends. That is why.

But why do PLU guys tend to overdo the whole thing? Is it an obsession or because we're like women in a man's body?

or is it because, we need to work hard to impress other guys? or make our competitors jealous? is it an insecurity?

But anyhoo, the fox is totally smitten with getting clear and good skin. It all started when he saw his course trainer's boyfriend who had impossibly perfect skin for a guy on the face. No flaws! He's tried aesop and now wants to get it but it's waaay too expensive (at least at the moment). First the LV sling bag and now this?! what's wrong with the fox?! he has never acted this way before >_<" is he starting to lose his mind? The fox is really clueless now...

mercredi 11 août 2010

wet dreams

*gonna try a sarongpartygirl style post. just an experiment. i do have other things to blog about but this is gonna be interesting :P so bear with me ya *

I had a very stressful day on Tuesday, with unnecessary explosions from superiors and whatnot. It felt as if a spiked dildo went too high up my ass and i was pissed at everything even tho i went to gym during the morning and its supposed to work those endorphins in my brain and all...but it didint. I was still all pissy wissy at work and shit happens. But during lunchtime, I had this desire to search for a DVD about the 9tail fox spirit that i saw in the video store the other day, and i just couldnt find it. So I SMSed CJ:

"I'm searching for that 9tail fox DVD"
"What's it called?"
"I dont know. Im a banana and it was written in Chinese. I need it coz it's my moneyboy training material"
"Are you serious? I don't know if I would go out with a moneyboy or not. lol...I'll feel weird. Now already got a bit of gayish body language. It will be more obvious if you have become a moneyboy. Haha!"
"I was just joking haha"

That did help perk me up a little for the day and i went back to office and wishing for the day to end fast.

I spent my night indulging in videogames, because nothing helps me to relax more than being in a fantasy world and managing imaginary units that cater to my every whim. Yes. I love RPGs.

For someone who gets insomias so often, the night was peaceful. I almost fell asleep at the steering wheel so i had to retire early for the night (at about 10.30ish) and woke up feeling realllly sleepy. But somehow or rather it feels good. Then i saw my pants and saw this gigantic, dried up blotch on it. It was almost the size of a CD. And my crotch was still holding a half mast, although i was not horny at all. It's probably a good thing that i dont sleep naked or else cleanup would be a nightmare. Godzilla would probably have a really delicious human marinated in cum for dessert if he ever attacks as well.

I could only imagine if i had a live in boyfriend. He'd probably see the fountain squirting while im in the middle of my sleep at 3am, he'd probably start eating my crotch. After all, it's my seeds and protein. Then, he'd probably sit on it or stick his salami in my tender and sleepy ass waking me up. I'd probably get a shock but would oblige anyway. And end up being too tired to gym or go to work.

Maybe this is my body's way of cheering me up. It did feel really good tho, like good coffee. I wish it'd happen more often.

lundi 9 août 2010

i'm a lipstick lesbian?

Do my body language look like this sometimes?! NUU NOO NUU I DONT WEAR A TIARAAAAA

Okay, this is quite worrying although it may sound funny for many people.

I'm turning more gay.

I have no idea why but it seems that my body language seems to be a little bit more feminine these days. A few people have commented and it does disturb me deeply.

On the other hand, my str8 colleagues claim they did not notice anything of that sort, unless when i decide to pull a gay joke or two.

Maybe i'm turning from a butch lesbian to a lipstick one? what's happening to me? Is it coz i've been reading launiang's blog too much? or is it the shampoo i'm using? or my cologne? I feel so emasculated! EMASCULATED! my pride as a man has been challenged and damaged! I gotta watch more of those cowboy movies and hypnotize myself into thinking that I am one of them. Or maybe rewatch the L word and try to emulate Shane.

Try as you may, you will never be as butch as Shane. Even if you're straight. Because of that, she's my role model to be a butch lesbian.

I also have urges to own a LV bag of late. However since i stay at cheras, it's the same as wearing a sign that says ROB MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. either that or people assume that i am using a fake. But why would i want a LV bag in the first place?! Is it to show off to people or make me feel that i'm somebody? i currently have no more ideas on how to explain my really funny and somewhat stupid urge to get a LV bag. And no, i wont get it myself before i get my macbook pro and/or iphone 4. Just last month, i never felt the necessity for such a bag. However i do want to be a classier and more dignified person. As a gentleman, the rare breed both in the str8 and gay world or anything else in between. AND ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN IF I EXUDE FEMININE BEHAVIOR!!

Or maybe it will go away after some testostrone pills.

I really hope i dont do the empress walk O_O". If i do, please kill me or put me in one of those camps that cure gayness. Being feminine is not in the list of what i want to be.

If you do know me in real life do help me out on this dept okay? It would be a great help ^_^

Dosent mean i cant enjoy Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga anymore right? Right? Please tell me im right....

samedi 7 août 2010

Blonde moments

I'm not fat, just hiding my extra tails...see all white. so old edi. Of coz will be a bit absent minded sometimes..

yes, sadly even the old and brainy fox can sometimes be a blonde. The fox has 9 tails you know, one new tail comes out every 1000 years. So you can say that i have been gathering human DNA since the cavemen era. I'll let u use your imagination on how i did it. But can you imagine something this old can be an airhead at times.

Recently, the fox went to the dentist for the first time in 10,000 years. My excuse is there was none till 200 years ago. And i didint had the time. I was too busy collecting DNA. During scaling the dentist washed fox's mouth with cold water. Then halfway through, she used warm water. It felt so good and warm. Before that, she warned fox that his gums would bleed due to weak gums. It was only 15 minutes after fox felt dizzy when he got up from the dentist chair that the fox realized that those werent warm water.

And the sad part is the fox turns into a blonde whenever he gets overworked. Today was the day he had training and he had to wake up early. he spent the last night chatting with tulsy on MSN. And he had insomia the night before so he didint get much sleep. So what happened was he bought coffee. Hot americano from starbucks. 5mins b4 the class starts. the fox only realized his smart decision when he went to the class and attempted to drink the coffee which would have cooked his insides and then someone could harvest his perfect fur. He had to take a walk in the gardens (yes his training center is near there) to cool the coffee down by opening the lid in broad daylight.

And the blondness continues. the fox kena con by the parking attendant in gardens into thinking that he parked at the premium carpark (maybe thats a mistake the fox made) and was conned into paying rm19. At first the fox only realized after 5 mins that he was conned, and 2 hours later realized that its his mistake for driving into the wrong parking spot. At first fox wanted to complain to management why they didint seal it off, but then again its all fox's mistake for not being smart about parking spots. Cant play victim anymore. Close to my 10,000th bday already. only 300 more years to go. leave that to the little 18 year old kids. Time to own up to my own stupidity and not repeat it. else my already yellow fur gonna turn platinum.

mercredi 4 août 2010

homophobia at work

I work in the IT industry. And one would expect that people around these quarters would be a little more open minded about the whole thing but it seems that nope, its not so, especially not in an IT company. Being inclined to guys and influenced by some friends, i do subconsciously give my sexuality away sometimes. And i do get teased and asked.

My colleague from the same dept did ask this: "are you really gay? if you are i will look down on you". Another problematic colleague who is always causing trouble would tease and imply that i am gay at every turn he gets. Worst trick he pulled out because he thought i was going after the girl he wanted was to change my wallpaper to gay anime pictures (he knew i love anime/manga). However the blame cant be pushed on him as there was no proof. He's homophobic and shows it openly and excessively and even went to courting a girl in office 4 hours a day for months just prove he's not gay. But its pretty obvious that he's closeted because he's trying too hard to prove he's not. That aside, some people do find it fun to spread rumors that i am and treat me differently because of that. Thankfully only 1-2 people behave that way, the rest like me for my friendliness (adapted) and my professionalism in work.

Most straight guys would just say "I hate gays because, they have a tool but instead of a ladypart they wanna do it to a man's ass. i just dont get WHY would they turn away from pretty girls" when asked on why they hated gays. The more idiotic ones would say "eewww gays. i hope they dont molest me." but as a gay guy how do you deflect such statements? You know coming out might cost you your career or give you a hard time at work, so just dont bring that topic to your attention. Dont go flamboyant and do femme things like tell your colleagues about chick flicks, guys and yanno you get it. Dont BITCH, auntie style. Dont call your friends (even those not in office via phone AND PLEASE NO NOT IN PUBLIC DONT CALL YOUR FAG HAGS BITCHES OR DEROGATORY NAMES) sluts and bitches. Why all these non things? because you gotta not let people talk about you and create a scandal out of it. If you're not careful and you did one of these, and you get discriminated for being gay, its kinda your fault, isnt it?

But of course, how would you deal with questions like this (note all of them i have faced before):

"are you really gay? yuck what a scum"
"you're so pondan."
"come help me with this. maybe colleague x will offer his ass" <--joke. done in extremely bad taste
"careful dont let him follow me to the toilet.."
"why do you look like a girl sometimes? are you gay?"

Now, the best way to deflect all of these is to STOP ACTING CAMPY. stop the pondaning acts, the empress walk, the bitchiness and gawking at guys. Talk about girls. Talk about dating girls (just talk about your boyfriend, but give 'him' a female name to deflect). Ignore comments that are too over the top to show that you're not affected because you are not that way. The other point to remember is that straight guys do not have a gaydar and they wont know you're gay unless you're really campy (femme).

my answers used to be:
"So? what if i am gay? what is it in for you?"
"does it affect my job? if it dosent why is it your business again?"
"If you're one, please admit. im not into that kind of thing"
"Its not like they raped you in the toilet, so whats with all the hate?"
"I'm a bit femme because i used to be a girl. Im a guy now after surgery."

Usually, those shut them up good. real good.

is it a crime to be ashamed of being gay and pretending to be straight? some may find it hypocritical, but no gay pride is worth losing a job for, or creating a mess at the workplace. Its your livelihood. And it could all be avoided if you didint give yourself out. So why cari pasal (look for trouble?) you wouldnt go and ram your car into the traffic police, so why would you be all flamboyant at your workplace where homophobia is rampant? So yeps. Just be more careful and you wont feel the burning edge of those stupid homophobes.

lundi 2 août 2010

one, two, three...

At least she says what we do is innocent

Threesomes. I've been requested by a friend (CJ) to write about the topic of threesomes. I've only been to one before tho. It was a couple where the older guy is a white man and used to be married with kids until he met his younger asian BF. They were a nice couple, and they wanted to check me out before they'd actually do it with me and they did. It felt good because for the first time it didint feel like a fling and they wanted to be friends. However they are often busy and because of that, we dont contact each other often. Both hold very high positions in the medical and marketing industry respectively, and they are very discreet due to their positions in their company.

It was pretty much a straightfoward thing. The asian picked me up from the LRT, we sat in the living room and enjoyed each other's company for a while, and the asian told me to go to take a shower. Then i went into the room with him where he started to play with my nipples and dick, before moving to the bed. The white guy joined in later.

When you're in a threesome with a couple, you're always the 3rd wheel or gigolo. It's never about your wants or needs; its always about theirs. I was denied of kisses, not allowed to top either of them or see them top each other. Only the asian topped me and they did a pretty good job coaxing my hole to open for them. It was my 1st time bottoming and it did feel good to bottom for people who really knew how to make me feel good or at least lessen the pain and humiliation. It did hurt so much that i couldnt give the white guy a proper blowjob and when the asian guy was completely in me, i didint even realize it but it did feel good (coz of his small member! around 4" and quite thin!). Both of them were so gentle and patient with me that it did feel good. Halfway through the asian sucked his bf's dick while topping me while i was sucking it. However the white guy did not want to top me as he saw how much pain i was in taking in his bf. He didint force himself on me while the asian hold me back (thankfully it didint happen! or back to the counselor's office again) it ended when i felt that i couldnt take it anymore and requested to stop.

From the couple, who has been together for almost 10 years now it is very obvious to me that both were tops, and their sex life is quite rare as it was not comfortable to top each other. So they wanted to a bottom and they liked my personality and i was willing to try. Both partners were willing to compromise with each other for a better sex life and that requires a certain level of maturity and trust. Its certainly not an easy feat and the white guy would keep telling me to not complicate things and he would refuse to meet me up if he was alone. He told me to never mention to his bf of an earlier coffee meetup with him where he did tell me not to put in any expectations ( i was horny at that time so to stifle it like that was very painful) and friendship comes first, sex is a bonus.

being a threesome is not exactly too enjoyable, but it certainly is something mind opening. because it shows you that if you love your bf enough and he is suffering from lack of sex due to whatever reason in the r/ship, or that if he loves variety, to do something that he'd enjoy and to suit his needs, not yours. It takes a lot of bravery and maturity for a couple to have a threesome RESPONSIBLY (condoms, no cum drinking or moneyshots...) but as the 3rd wheel, it is a very interesting experience, to have sex without you being the superstar and focus, and really focus on someone else for a change.

With that said, paring with the wrong couple might result in rape. So please use your discretion. My personal advice is to avoid unless, you know the couple well enough. I was just lucky this time, but not gonna try any more.

dimanche 1 août 2010

En Passant

It's very, very frustrating trying to procure new PLU friends. Because unlike straight people whom you just need to have a same interest with to just be friends, PLU people seem to have a bunch more of criterias. In addition, most will always be extra vary of who they are mixing with or talking to. The entire method and chemistry to get to know another gay guy as a friend is so different from getting to know a regular person as a friend.

I'd like to meet more GLBT bloggers around and be their friends because well, it would be a lot easier to connect and be with people who understand your preference for the same gender and not discriminate or judge you unfairly with. But sadly, most PLUs tend to discriminate against other PLUs for the smallest of reasons and they never hesitate to cut off contact if you turn out to have a quirk that they dont seem to like or if you said the wrong words. It happens to straight people too but at least they're more willing to talk it out most of the time. But with many, many PLU guys, it seems that i tend to get dismissed early even before they really get to know me first.

i've sent a few emails around trying to get to know more PLU bloggers, as so far the few i know are quite intellectual by nature and interesting in personality but yeah, only those that were introduced by friends could really be friends, those whom i tried to get to know via my own initiative (emails, FB messaging) seem to assume that im trying to get to know them with an ulterior motive of sex. Well, no. Not that interested in it although i do get the hots at times but its more satisfying to stifle it than to act on it. So if you're one of the bloggers whom i sent an email to, i'd just like more people to call a friend and talk and hang out with. Sex is the lowest of priorities and i'd heavily doubt that i'd be able to do it with you which is why i said, its not the main reason. The possibility of being a sex buddy would heavily depend on many, many factors in essence because it's very close to a boyfriend.

I had 4 followers and one unfollowed me after i popped him an email :( saying that i'd like to be friends. Now that really did make me sad for a while, but then again i realize that he'd probably wont be much of a friend anyway if he cant even reply to a simple email or even give me a chance in the first place. However, in memory there has been many, many many guys who have done this to me before. Most of them are PLU but a small amount of them are (supposedly) straight guys.

What's even sadder is that most PLU guys suffer discrimination in one way or another from the straight community, and now, even their own kind is out to make their lives harder and more painful to go through by treating them like commodities either for sex and even for friendship! "guys must be of a certain requirement to be my friend, or else i'll block and i wont even let him know! I'm this high up! you're sooooooooo not worth to be my friend! i'm just sooo exclusive hmph!" I'm personally more sympathetic towards other gays who want to be my friend (not on fridae, most of those want sex) because i understand their pain and lonliness and i wont wanna turn them away because i want to be the person that can lift their lonliness.

And we often wonder why are gays discriminated. Most often its not the sexuality but the attitude that they carry just turns people off and make others view them as the scum of society. I always wonder why is it so hard to be nicer to people for some, but the frequency is sadly higher in the PLU world. While in the straight world 9 out of 10 guys would probably say hi or reply back a mail asking to be friends, 8 out of 10 gay guys would most probably NOT reply unless they saw a picture of you that looks like an american/korean/british/japanese/taiwanese hunk. Not just in fridae but even in facebook or the blogsphere. With this attitude, how would you not expect to be discriminated against?

It'll be nice to make more gay or bi friends, but how many of them would actually be kind enough to respond to a simple "hi i'd like to be your friend" email? Is it really that hard to just type an email that says "sure!" or "sorry i'm not really that interested, hope you understand" email?

*runs back into cave and sulks*