jeudi 25 août 2011

strange connections

I guess i havent really talked about how i met the otters (tulsy otter and dancey otter). I met tulsy otter first then it was dancey. But what was freaky was we actually met months before that first meet in august. And i was sitting right beside them.

It was a play by launiang and dancey was actually singing to the opening act by some singing representative. And i was wondering gays these days are so flashy as dancey otter even had a scarf. He looked realllyyyy...campy. I even text-ed launiang if (s)he knew them since im pretty sure they're gay. His reply was "cibai you think i know all the gay guys meh?"

So thinking was rather uncanny to sit right beside them during the play and then being their friends later O.O also, it turns out that they had a friend who was acting in the play. Uncanniness!

how freaky is it to sit next to a bunch of strangers, only to be friends with them a few months later? uncanny, innit?