lundi 18 juillet 2011

Out of the den

The fox has been really busy for the past 2 months moving out from his parents' place and into a new den which is nearer to his workplace and spiritual home, as well as some friends. The spiritual home is very important to fox already. Its the link between him and the world he came from ^^ (no, lil foxie is not from earth ^^)

And its a brand new process for foxie. he has to resetup the den and his bank account is now empty >_< he has to get things ready, clean up his own room, buy things that are missing and alls. but at the same time he gets more freedom and hangs out with friends at later times and can micro manage foxie's life more ^^

I think it is a very good experience. All along i have been living in accordance with my parents' wishes and now i am free to live life the way i want to. With that comes the responsibilities and chores. If i dont pick up my clothes its gonna stay that way. Nobody's gonna pick it up for me. And i have to organize my time instead of just spending it in front of the computer. It's no longer go back home and have a hot meal; its plan and eat in advance before i reach home. No clean toilets and shower. But still a great experience for me to go through.

I'll call my new room the den. hehe.

Hopefully things will turn out to be good despite the cost. I am confident i can be a better person with this. After all the fox's spiritual adviser can never be wrong :P