vendredi 26 novembre 2010

the dating game

There are only 3 types of gay guys around: the type that goes for dating, the spinster and the one that goes for one night stands. Sad to say that most one night stand guys are dumb, the spinsters are either too desperate or they have a personality problem that cause them to be unsociable, and the dating type can be really queeny and tricky to get along with.

So i have recently decide to switch my type, from the spinster to the dating type (fox wurt, can switch. just put leaf on head) and yes it is a very very heartbreaking journey to go through. The fox loves old white guys because they are soooooooo much more matured and realistic than their asian counterparts (well not every single one of them) but yes it is a very steep learning curve. White guys tend to be colder than their asian counterparts (meaning, incessant messaging and contact can tick them off the wrong way -- they see that as being desperate and needy, but on the other hand you will have no idea how much is too much, and as a result shit happens) but intellectually they have more to talk about (well, not all, depending on your luck) and when they flirt, they will use all sorts of methods to capture your heart and then once they have you in the bag, they'll just dump you and move on to flirting and jilting another guy. The flirting and sex is explosive, but usually, they want to be left alone after when all of those ends. But with that said there are good ones lying around -- you just need to look harder. However its a high risk venture: you either get burned really bad or you land yourself someone who is worth it all...

older guys are not as picky or choosy as the younger ones -- but to find the right kind of guy (meaning, someone who takes care of their body and it shows, and someone who is matured and intellectually endowed) is hard and really rare but you get more chances in that age group. After all, after the 6pax and rock tits, as well as the 8 inch dick what remains is the personality and stability. That's more important than the hot body.

Sad to say, 90% of the gays around are muscle marys who only look at the body. There are more important things you know other than that. And speaking from experience, good looking guys are usually not smart or deep in personality because they dont need to be -- they have the looks and the body, why should they have a personality or develop it? Thats why i dont really like to try with good looking guys -- unless they prove me otherwise but experience shows that they actually have brains to go with their 6-pax. But these days, even the so not good looking ones think that they have all the right to demand for their very own Adonis when they look like a nerd themselves. And snub people who they perceive to be not good looking. And then 10 years later, they're still single and bitter.

I'm aiming for the 10% for happiness.

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

one night only

I asked a female colleague the other day regarding gays. I asked her if she was able to accept it if her child turns out to be gay. Immediately her face turned to disgust. I asked her why and she said that yes she has gay friends but she does not hope that her child would be one, because gay people change their sex partners very often. I told her that there are couples who are monogamous. I guess nobody can stomach the fact that their son would go suck random dicks outside there and let their bodies be defiled by other men. I can only imagine the agony of the parents of gay porn actors who do those bukkake scenes where he has to service 20-30 dicks in one scene. lol. And with regards to my previous post before the filler, there is something to talk/think about.

So, its caffy tawk time! *wears his oprah winfrey Tyra Banks costume*

Gay men like to have one night stands, more than str8 guys although to be honest, its a man problem. You dont get that with lesbians. They'd just commit in a loving r/ship with little or no sex almost immediately. Its not the sex they want but the companionship. There isnt anything wrong with ONS, but the thing is how do you treat your ONS partner? do you only see him as a free gigolo that's here to just pleasure you sexually and then to be dumped and blocked off immediately after? Or do you see him as another man who has decided to settle his sexual needs with you and he has his own needs and emotions that you would need to think of as well?

Think of this scenario: a 17 year old guy just discovered what is it to be attracted to men. Older horny man chats up this young guy and starts talking about sex with men to this boy. And repeatedly showed his genitals to excite this young boy, causing the boy to be highly sexually charged, and then offered to meet up with this boy to help him 'relieve' his sexual tension. They meet, and immediately after that the man ignores the boy's messages/calls at fridae, axcest, msn, phone etc. The boy gets heartbroken, and starts having flings with many other men because he wants to believe that ONS with the right person is different. The boy either gets STD, ends up being a gigolo or eventually gets depressed and suicidal because he feels empty and worthless after being used by so many men, where none of them treat him like a person but just a disposable sex doll...

And the sad part is, by the time these people are in their 40s, they are still trying their luck...and eventually they end up being alone and not being able to commit in any relationship because they're just too bitter by then and that they are still hoping that they will encounter a man that will love them...or they will start turning to young boys that they can prey on and groom them for sex instead of sharing their experience and protecting these boys.

Or they would keep searching and trying to ONS with people, and with every person they have sex with, they will put hope that there is a chance for a relationship, but when that person decides enough is enough, these old, bitter queens end up being more bitter and more in pain as time passes. And they create the causes for that by exploiting people for sex when they are younger. I know because during my ONS days ive meet up with a guy like that...he paid for lots of things. But eventually he resorted to emotional blackmail and needless to say, that pretty much ended my meetups with him.

If we want straights to respect us, we ourselves have to clean up our acts. And start treating people with dignity. That is why when i realized this, i stopped ONS.

by the way, this is anna tsuchiya, my japanese idol. i want to marry her someday but she's already married :(

Btw at 00:57 she looks like tuls. really. especially when tuls does his "yeah right i dont care dunno". dosent he dancerboy? :P except that her skin is soooo much better. Opps.

mardi 16 novembre 2010

funny moments

colleague says
got my email?

Fox says
the kahwin one?

colleague says

Fox says
selamat hari pengantin baru
*goes rm5 shop*

colleague says
hehe blmmm laaaa


priceless gems with otter len and otter pa *cues 80s talkshow music*

fox: pa, you have huge nostrils!
otter pa: yea i know. can fit a dick inside right?

otter pa to len : your cibai la!
fox: eh len got cibai wan ar? very rare oh. see?
otter pa: his asshole kena fuck by so many guys until become cibai already.
fox: no wonder can fake orgasm. my hole cannot lo

colleague: its cold in here
fox: yes because there's a ghost. beware of possessions.


fox: yeah you got a job and all now...
launiang: yes. i'm a careerwoman now <--no, you're still a guy XD

hope you guys had a good laugh!

jeudi 11 novembre 2010

sex and friends

Lets start the cockfight. This is gonna be fun!

So me and Calvin had this really interesting discussion last night about an issue that i have been thinking about for the longest time: why cant friends have sex with each other.

dancerboy thinks its because feelings may arise.

But then again if sex is just sex, its just like an activity like playing badminton together, where is the problem?

Because most guys equate sex with exploiting whomever they're fucking, and its because of this that it makes things awkward when its done. You treated your friend like a dirty little whore during sex and took advantage of his body. You exploited your sullied his body and innocence. And you can never see him the same again after he took in your cock with such a horny and dirty way. You'll keep thinking of him giving you on oral even though you guys are eating at the mamak stall and talking about life. You'll keep thinking about moles in certain parts of his bodies. And worse of all, that he has seen how short and deformed your dick is and he has that part of you with him. But he's just a friend. A friend who treats you like a friend but you treated him like a sex doll. A dirty whore. A cheap prostitute. How are you ever gonna see him like you used to?

But really, does it really have to be that way? As long as you and friend A have understanding that this is just another activity you guys have with each other, where's the awkwardness? Its just like seeing your friend trip and fall during a badminton, or saw the funny shaped mole on his body while swimming together.

If two friends have a need and they gotta get it solved, i dont see why sex should make things uncomfortable. Provided if there is total understanding of what happened and that both parties know that the intimacy during sex is for the act itself and not acted out based on love or emotions. Also, sex does not necessarily involve anal sex which is more intimate and intense, but can be just giving handjobs to each other... Needs are still needs at the end of the day.

As for me now, even though i can understand why but i still sex with friends is a viable, if not, the last option. I've retired from ONS and i plan to keep it that way, and would only want to do it with a dedicated person....

mardi 9 novembre 2010

Otterific evening

So the Fox met the pair of otters again: the lanky pair of really cute and fierce otters that can really brighten up anyone's day. They're perfect opposites that complement each other and really form a really unique couple combo. We had dinner and lots of jokes. Otter Pa was in a really groggy mode due to lack of sleep so he did not say much but it is funny neverthenless. there's just something about seeing that couple together that warms the heart like a cup of hearty expresso during the morning. Its the little things in life or the day that makes it fun to be in. And the right timing too as i was having a bad day since the day before...nah dont wanna blog about it just wanna get thru the week :p

They arrived at 5 while my job ends at 5.30 and i had to run around to reach them. It was fun tho. we had dinner at Sushi Zanmai in front of MPH. THEY ATE BABY OCTOPUSES! SO CRUEL!!! so i ordered natto as it was my first time. The otters
cautiously ate the food. Otter Len sniffed both appetizers before we ate them as it was how otters show care and affection for their partners. How sweet!

And the poor octopuses were consumed by the otters, before they even had a chance to experience life.....guess which one was otter len and which one otter pa.

As usual with otters who are picky with food, we took 15mins to decide what to eat. Otter Pa had to hurry Otter Len to order. Our main course was a bowl of SMALL RICE shared by the otters, while i had curry rice. wanted to have kitsune soba (doh!) but decided against it at the end.

My delicious curry which looked like dragons that someone gave birth to the other day :p. that small bowl was all the 2 of them ate. Can believe?

Otters have ridiculously small appetites and they are ridiculously thin. Make Fox feel fat but fox no careeeeeeeeeeee

So after that we had a walk at Zara before going for dessert. Otter Len and Pa
tried some clothes on, and fox tried his most favorites coat in the world: the trenchcoat!
I have never looked this good!! but sadly too hot to wear here :(

And then we had dessert:
Bread butter pudding and chocolate brownie: One representing Len and the other Pa. :) The taste? like a versatile guy sandwiched in a threesome :P

The vanilla cream was simply divine with the bread butter pudding while the ice cream brownie really hit the spot.

Then after that the fox got really satisfied and sleepy, so he couldnt right more as his eyes are droopy....but thats all he wants to share about his threesome outing with the otters.

Seriously, it's like freshly brewed lavazza expresso coffee in the morning: full bodied, intense and refreshing :)

samedi 6 novembre 2010


Arousals. Its something that most of us guys love so much about that dear Calvin posted in his blog and echoed by so many other bloggers. So I'm gonna talk about mine :P

Sthenolagnia (aroused by looking at muscles of another man and display of strength) - This one i do have. Its probably a security thing that makes me feel secure with a guy with bigger muscles than me. Odd thing is once i have reached a certain build i no longer find men of a similar build with mine sexually arousing. I used to before i got this muscled. Hmm.

Peodeiktophilia (Exposing one's penis which is done by most gay men in saunas) - This is fun to actually, you wont feel aroused, just brimming with confidence to be able to do what people cant. Actually str8 men do it too, especially those with huge dicks merely because they are confident with their bodies.

Pictophilia (aroused by seeing nude pictures of another men especially pornography) - which guy dosent? *rolleyes*

I also have a few other less common fetishes: I like roleplay and would love for the bf sometimes dominate and be submissive (according to my mood, no not top or bottom, this is something else hehehehe), as well as being treated like a small boy and talked to like one. Maybe a 2nd revisit to my past? meh i dont know but those are secret fantasies. I also have a fetish for circumcised penises. hahahahah

I am also very attracted to stable, matured men in their mid to late 30s and above who take care of their bodies, who can carry out conversations and who have the money and is not stingy. They feel good to be with because well, i guess i need an older and wiser person to nurture me...oh well.

I love my men and my perfumes the same way: deep, matured, complex and well rounded.

Scents as far as i can say, dont arouse me but does lift my mood and make me feel good. That is why i need them. I have a melange of scents that help me achieve what i need. I love the smell of good, natural vanilla and most of the scents in my collection have it. Incense, amber and honey, as well as dirty musk also turns me on. So my favourites are Muscs Khoublai Khan by Serge Lutens (USD200+ per bottle!! no i dont have it yet, just the sample :() which smells like armpits at first but dries down to a very sexy sweat thing and Guerlain Heritage which has a really rich slightly burnt vanilla that i love so much. I have others too. but will talk about that later.

I'll leave you with the advert for the world's (second) best perfume: Guerlain Shalimar. The perfume itself is incredibly beautiful and i would love to smell this on a man or woman (perfumes are genderless!). Starts with a bergamot and rose which glides smoothly to a rich, sensual vanilla base. ooOOOOOOOHHH!!

Thats what you'll feel like if you use shalimar. Honest!

*edit: link added..dont wanna be accused as plagarizing, but you could have told me over MSN *_*

vendredi 5 novembre 2010

the courtesan

or the mistress, or the moneyboy. some call it escort service.

well technically, no because moneyboys are dumb blonde guys who only ask for money but cant provide much more than sex. like lecherous gigolos.

courtesans are people who provide companionships in addition to sex. This is like what the geishas did. sex is only given when the client needs it or is able to accept and is normally not included in the package. they differ from prostitutes who only offer one time sex. and courtesans usually have a very high level of self esteem and professionalism, that what they are providing is high quality service for those who need them and can afford them.

In short, a rent-a-boyfriend. with no strings attached after the payment for the services. Usually rendered at the end of the meetup and with expensive food and items. Usually this would be a long term arrangement between the two people and the nature of the arrangement depends on what the 2 people agree upon: if the courtesan becomes the 'property' of the client, meaning that he/she can only serve him and no one else while he gets to do whatever he wants, or a rent-in partner for the day(s). feelings do develop and both sides need to deal with it accordingly without getting too deep.

The Goddess used to have a friend who is male and who works as a male courtesan to a very wealthy businessman. He was to be the man's property. He had to have sex with the business partners who saw him as an exotic creature and if he dare refuse, he would been slapped and starved. On the outlook, he looks happy but lifeless, rich, neat and the object of jealousy of many, always dressed neatly in designer clothes, facials to keep the face flawless, trainers, supplements fed to keep the well rounded chests and the almighty six packs, money to spend on what he wanted.... he had it all. He liked it. He hated his body so he wanted to get something out of it: material gain. He was numb and cold like a lifeless doll. till one day he fell in love with a girl and it snapped his mind. He committed suicide. Some friends found the notes and diary and passed it to the Goddess who related the story to me, and that she was very worried that i was turning into him and told me to get help before it was too late. Turns out that he was being raped by both his father and brother, ran away from his home, picked up the trade from retiring escorts who took pity on him and netted himself a big fish. never connected with people.

he did taught me a few cardinal rules of a courtesan: First being never to ask for anything from the master: most can be done is to hint very subtly about your own needs; it is never about you but all about him. Second rule is to always honor the initial agreement and secondary agreements regarding private life even if the client did not. Never fall in love for the client but always pretend that you are. Never feel your emotions. Last but not least do not contact any of the clients' contacts unless given explicit permission. Break any rules and you're nothing but a cheap floozy and it will also spell a very quick end to the arrangement, or maybe even death from some more powerful clients. Else, its like being friends with someone and having sex with that person and providing emotional and sexual needs while having a line drawn in between. In addition to that, courtesans must know a huge variety of topics as well as current issues to keep the client entertained, as well as in depth knowledge of style and class, especially in luxury goods. because they are one themselves. they are a luxury item, only those who are lucky can afford to amuse themselves with. They would need to service both men and women and get anyone they can get without any preferences as they do not exactly have a choice. Most courtesans dont retire: if they dont break the rules they usually can keep the client which will keep them well fed, or provide them with a white elephant position in a company. Or introduced as a son or a relative.

The client could be straight, gay, or closeted. In most cases the courtesan is just a person there to rub the ego of the client, and can be done without any sex involved. But in most cases, straight men who resent other men would release it on the courtesan either sexually, verbally or physically. That's another more painful aspect of being a courtesan.

I could do that but not much of a point aside from a few LV bags and delicious food. And maybe the life of luxury. But i need to sell my soul for that.

Can anyone be a moneyboy? yes, if they are shameless enough. Can anyone be a gigolo? yes, if they can have sex without the emotional strings.

Can anyone be a courtesan? maybe. If you have a killer body and can hold on to the rules mentioned. But can you if you still love yourself? Because that is what you need do: have no feelings for yourself if you would like to be one.

lundi 1 novembre 2010

if it's too good...

It's probably too good to be true.

I messed up with the guy. We met at the Grand Millennium hotel. He brought me in. We had oral and foreplay. Then we went out for lunch.

Then he shooed me back home.

we chatted on whatsapp a little after that.

on the next day there was no more replies.

It hurted me a lot for a while but then i moved on because i realize i executed a few wrong moves during the date.

After all he is shallow, working in a high stress job and using designer goods to help fill up the void. I was selling companionship but when i reached out to him, he was nothing but an empty soul. And i guess he was afraid that i might be able to touch those.

It hurt to know that i made a mistake more than anything else. But it also helped me to be a more efficient fox. It also made me realize that i can have feelings for people.

I am considering of selling companionship to men who need it but for a price. Because i can do it and because, its better than giving it to them for free. I could certainly use an LV bag or two.

If i keep searching its these kind of encounters that will only happen. Since it is going to happen why not i make it into a business?

Please leave your thoughts, on this matter.

anyways, i leave you with this song:


The cat from the artists' café

When we're dead it means we're dead
When we don't laugh anymore it means we don't live anymore
When I'll have cut the string
Put me in a trashcan
Let me rot for a month
And from there throw me to the cat
May he decline my spleen and my liver
But choose the right time so that he eats my heart
And that I stay with you
On your shoulders and you laps
May I be since we have to exist
The cat from the artists' café

And if the bread runs short
I'll be there and don't hesitate
Break my legs and my neck
And then eat me from the cat on

It wouldn't be the first time
An artist is eaten

When we're dead it means we're dead
When we don't laugh anymore it means we don't live anymore
When he cut the string
He was put in a trashcan

And then they forgot me there
la la la la la la la
The same way they forgot the cat
The same way they'll forget my face and my songs

It won't be the last time
An artist is forgotten

When we're dead it means we're dead
When we don't laugh anymore it means we don't live anymore
When he cut the string
He was put in a trashcan

And the they forgot me there
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la