mardi 4 octobre 2011

too bad i am an aquarius

note: the title is referring to Miriam Yeung's song, not me.

A friend of mine has recently told me that someone he knows who is an aquarius has just broken up and is probably because aquariuses have icy cold personalities where they usually keep an emotional distance from people around them. It would be hard to connect to an aquarius, although they are good with people and appear to  me mr perfect on the outside but in reality they are like a turtle in a shell: keeping out people who want to care, even from their partners. And thus hurting a lot of people who try to care on the way. Kinda reminded me of an aquarian  friend who happens to be a really great friend on the surface but emotionally detached as a friend as i try to get closer as one. He did not care for his now ex bf's emotional needs as well. My question is, why get into relationships when you dont want to care about people's emotional needs? Why hurt others for a moment of pleasure?

Apparently, people born under this sign are very cold and disconnected from the people around them, and  they will think that is normal. And they will snub friends off and brush off anyone who tries to care about them as  they value their freedom in life over anything else. The water bearer pours everything out but does not get wet at all...apparently. And they will  think they did nothing wrong, and that they will never change.

But really do horoscopes  matter? What if you are an aquarius and you have the aforementioned trait? Its  not really about  horoscopes or fixed personalities, its rather whether or not you are willing to change to be someone who will hurt less people or stay the way you are and hurt more people along the way. You cant please everyone but you can make the world more bearable by just changing your behavior after seeing how it hurts others. It's not easy  but being aware of people you hurt should be. It's not a matter of horoscopes but self introspection and observation. Would you keep a negative trait just because it is "you" or change that trait so that you wont leave a trail of broken hearts behind?

Horoscopes can predict personalities only because people are too lazy to change their personalities because either they are too lazy or too afraid of being 'someone' else. But is it worth it to hurt others in establishing your own personality? Do let me know what you think.

Here's a quote i got from a friend:

 How can someone who 'loves' someone, treat the other person like shxt and hence caused them to feel hurt? True love is a state of mind that's rare, because it involves altruism, willingness to sacrifice and care for OTHERS at your own expense. It's not the "heart beats fast when I see you, you misses him even before you part"; it is truly a quality to develop.

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  1. I don't believe in the characteristic associated to the horoscope to certain extent. I do agree, if u love someone, don't hurt him/her.

  2. I am an aquarius, but I don't (as I liked to believe so) have that kind of traits I think..

    Are you talking about me? Cos I just ended things with my bf~ Haven't spoken much since last week.. just keeping updated of things pending~...

  3. Just take horoscopes with a pinch of salt. And a bag of humor.